Alfons J. Braaksma

 Born 2 March 1946 at The Hague, The Netherlands Province South of Holland



at The Hague until June 1999

 from 1999 at Muntendam, Province Groningen



Royal Academie of Art, The Hague:  

( Koninklijke Academie v. Beeldende Kunsten,  Den Haag) 


 Folowed etching during lessons at the Royal Academie of Art,

with Gerard Lutz at the Vrije Academie of Art, The Hague 


At the Royal Academie of Art etching lessons from Dick van Gelder


Completed Assignments

Mural Kanteen Staff BLS, The Hague

              Mural Kindergarten OLS Capadosestreet, The Hague

                 Mural and Environmental Breughelstreet, The Hague

                Mural Chr. LO Comeniusschool, The Hague

              Design brochure for. exhibition "Gemeente koopt Kunst", Pulchri Studio The Hague




       Goed wonen, Soesterberg

                          Galerie Maas, Rotterdam                   

             Galerie Centre d´Art, The Hague

                 Galerie de Roode Boom, The Hague

                      "5 jaar Grafiek", Pulchri Studio, The Hague

                          "Gemeente koopt Kunst", Pulchri Studio, The Hague

                 Postiljon Hotel, Arnhem



                 Work included in the booklet  "Kijken dat het gedrukt staat":

                   edition Haags Gemeente Museum

                            Work in permanent collection "Prentenkabinet van het Haags Gemeente Museum"

                        Work in the image collection of the The Hague Municipal Archives

                        Mention in the book of  Jacobs 1993

                          (follow-up of the Lexicon Dutch artists 1750-1950 of Pieter Scheen)

                           Mention in the book "Hedendaagse Haagse Beeldende Kunstenaars"'

                          edition of Gem. Commissie v. Beeldende Kunsten

                               Newspaper Het Vaderland "Alfons Braaksma - Beeld of verbeelding"

                         Mention Rijksdienst Kunsthistorische Documentatie

                       (National Office for Art Historical Documentation)



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